Referendum Information Videos

Information and Engagement on the 2023 Referendum

The Social Policy Group is working with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) to help people from migrant and refugee backgrounds and communities participate in the upcoming 2023 Referendum by providing politically and issue neutral information and engagement.

As part of this project, the Social Policy Group has developed a video series covering the most common general questions about the referendum. In these videos we will answer the following questions:

  1. What is a referendum?
  2. Do I need to vote?
  3. What help is available at the polling place?
  4. Where can I vote?
  5. Do I need to write out your answer in English?
  6. How is the result of the referendum decided?
  7. How do I figure out if the referendum information you are getting is reliable?
  8. Where can I find translated referendum information in my language?

The videos are available with Arabic, Vietnamese and Simplified Chinese subtitles. You can find an overview page by clicking on each language or you can find links to specific videos below.

Please share these videos with anyone who you think might benefit from this information. 

Introduction to the Community Information Series on the Referendum

What is a referendum?

Do I need to vote?

What help is there at the polling place?

Where can I vote?

Do I need to write my answer in English?

How is the result of the referendum decided?

How do I find out if referendum information is reliable?

How do I find translated referendum information?