We recognise that people from migrant and refugee backgrounds can experience significant barriers to accessing justice.

Judicial Council on Cultural Diversity

SPG provides secretariat for the Judicial Council on Cultural Diversity (JCCD)—an advisory body that was established in 2014 by former Chief Justice French and endorsed by the Council of Chief Justices Australia and New Zealand to promote procedural fairness and equality of treatment of all court users, and to promote public trust and confidence in Australian courts and the judiciary among the population in all its diversity.

The JCCD engages in consultation with the community, develops and provides advice on court protocols, best practice guidelines, and tools for responding to cultural and linguistic diversity-related matters, including the particular issues that arise in relation to migrant, refugee, as well as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Cultural Diversity Justice Network

SPG facilitates the network of Cultural Diversity Advocates across each level of courts and tribunals, with a focus on providing advice and assisting in the development of resources related to the work of JCCD.